Adjusting Your Historical Data Under CECL - Qualitative Factors Run Amuck - Part 1

Adjusting Your Historical Data Under CECL - Qualitative Factors Run Amuck - Part 1

Program Description

The CECL standard requires institutions to consider making adjustments to their historical dataset due to a range of potential qualitative and quantitative factors. This two-part course provides institutions with the knowledge they need to analyze their dataset, consider their qualitative and quantitative factors, and document any adjustments they consider necessary.

The first section of the course will contain an overview of all topics covered and each subsequent section will contain a searchable transcript and keywords. This is a great way to access key information and locate knowledge throughout the course.

After reviewing all provided content and engaging with the learning questions throughout the course, you will have a firm understanding of the outlined learning objectives. This new knowledge will help you to better support your institution and your clients. This program contains relevant learning objectives and outcomes that clearly articulate the knowledge, skills and abilities that can be achieved by the participants (i.e. at the end of the program, what will the participants be able to do? What is the take away skill or knowledge?).

Course Objectives

In this self-study course, you will be able to:

  1. Compare the differences between ILM and CECL pertaining to adjusting historical data

  2. Identify the differences between Qualitative and Quantitative factors in relation to CECL

  3. Analyze  the CECL standard requirements pertaining to adjusting historical data utilized in CECL modeling

CPE Credit 2 CPE Credits
Cost $100
Level Intermediate
Field of Study Accounting
Instructional Delivery Method QAS Self-Study
  • Experience in back accounting, lending, or analytics
  • Knowledge of and experience with the CECL Standard
Advanced Preparations None
Who Should Attend Attendees should be employees from financial institutions who are involved in CECL processes. Harbinger Technology Solutions, LLC DBA ARCSys assures that the program content and program level for this course are appropriate for the intended participants.
Last Reviewed Date May 9, 2023

Meet your Instructor

Michael Umscheid, President & CEO of ARCSys

Mike has been providing accounting, consulting and auditing services to financial institutions for over 30 years. Considered the “CECL Guru,” Mike was selected by the AICPA to create and deliver their 8-hour CPE course on CECL. He is a past member of the Auditing Standards Board and a published author on Accounting and Auditing for Financial Institutions. Mike has spoken at numerous AICPA conferences as well as other national and local financial institution associations. Mr. Umscheid is also the author of the 8-hour CPE course published by the AICPA for CECL. Mike is currently the President and CEO of ARCSys, a consulting firm that specializes in Allowance for Credit Loss software and CECL. He graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. 

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